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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  June 22, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> i think metro has shown everybody today what mistake they have made and they are trying to mend their ways. thank you, metro, for everything today. this was nice. >> we can have a system that we can have confidence in, don't have to worry about if we are going to get "a" to "c." they know they've got to get this right. >> and good afternoon, everyone. i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. we will have more on the emotional tribute marking the one-year anniverryff the memeo o crasas >fifit a a popontntl for stos tonight. >> the latest is i'm already seeing a couple of cells to the south and west of our area, rocki rockingham county.
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the area is not under a severe thunderstorm watch. down around rockingham and albermarle county, there is this one cluster of storms moving to the east/northeast so eventually that will get into green county and orange county and there is a chance we are going to see more storms form across the area here over the next few hours. especially between 5:00 and 9:00 p.m. not under a watch. don't think we will be for areawide severe weather today. it is quite possible we will have isolated cells that turn severe where they could bring damaging winds, high winds as well as heavy rain. current temperature 95, adams morgan, trinidad and the district. 923 springfield and oakton. fairfax 93, in lleytonsville 93 in montgomery county. the dew point temperature sky
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high. it feels like the heat index triple-digit readings and it is only going to get worse. a stormy evening for some of us. record heat coming up the next two days. we'll talk about how this extreme heat is going to be sticking around. jim? >> veronica, thank you. today marks the one-year anniversary since the darkest day in the history of our region's public transit system, the deadly metro crash on the red line. nine people were killed, dozens more injured. hundreds gathered at the crash site to honor the victims and the first responders who came to their aid. news 4 tracee wilkins was there. >> reporter: today the region stopped to remember the most tragic day in the region's history. >> we have gathered here today for a common purpose, the purpose being all of us and the
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entire region remember and want to remember the tragic accident on june 22nd, 2009. >> reporter: it was an accident that would forever change the face of public transportation. it wasn't a small technical glitz. it was one train crashed into the back of the other, nine people killed, 80 injured. today family members of the victims attended the ceremony, some wearing t-shirts with their loved ones pictures. the family of veronica dubose who died on the train that day was among them. >> her life was taken at a very early age, we feel totally unnecessary. i feel metro is doing what they should do in memory of the victims that lost their lives. >> the train operator lost her life trying to save her passengers. today her family shared in everyone's grief.
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>> we don't forget our loved ones. it feels good they are having this for our family. >> reporter: today's memorial held at the region still awaiting an end to the crash investigation and what went wrong and why it won't happen again. >> still up in the air. we need the system. we need it to be saf we don't need to be praying before we get on it. >> reporter: the end of this memorial service is not the end of remembering the day. family members of the victims and survivors are expected to meet at a bridge overlooking the accident scene for a memorial that will begin at 7:00 p.m. >> people waiting for the train today participated in the moment of silence. metro asked workers and people throughout the region to pause for a moment of silence and
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remember all the victims of last year's crash. we'll have continuing coverage of today's memorials. news 4's chris gordon rode the metro with passengers to get their reaction. his report coming up on news 4 at 5:00. pat? president and ceo joseph boardman issued a statement accepting full responsibility for the marc train breakdown yesterday that left hundreds of commuters stranded in the heat. this cell phone video was taken when the train was hit. the temperature was still above 90. the engine overheated shutting down the train and the air conditioning system onboard. we went to union station and found one man who was on the train. he is surprised no one was seriously injured. >> trains are flying by like 80 miles an hour and you have people on the tracks because they couldn't control the customers in the heat.
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>> two people were taken to the hospital and treated for heat exhaustion. m.a.r.c. is conducting a full investigation. president obama's top budget official is stepping down. peter orszag has been director of the office of management and budget he holds cabinet-level rank and played a pivotal role in how the administration spends the public money. the first high-profile member of the president's team to leave the administration. the fairfax county board of supervisors will vote on the future of tyson's corner. the proposed plan is the vision to create 200,000 jobs and accommodate 100,000 residents by the year 2050. opponents say tyson's corner is already densely populated. this plan aims to ease traffic congestion by requiring most new office space to be built within
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a half mile of four new metro stops. there is a push for more environmentally friendly buildings and parks. the board will have to pass a zoning ordinance in order to implement the plan. julie carey will be there and we will have a live report at news 4 on 5:00. >> you can bike your way to capitol hill. bikes reopened today. the lanes closed for a short time to be repainted because the city's transportation department says they were too wide making them confusing. the bike lanes run from 15th street to the capitol. tom sherwood will have more on what this means for cyclists. a hot one to bike out there today. >> it sure is. sad news for hannah montana fans. joran van der sloot recants his confession. plus find out who is contacting him behind bars.
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getting paid to lose weight. we'll tell you how many companies are making that offer in our inside report. in our next half hour a botox boutique coming to georgetown, details after the break.
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this afternoon a federal judge in new orleans ruled deepwater drilling can continue in the gulf despite a six-month freeze imposed by the president. this is a life look from bp's camera on the ocean floor. oil continues to gush out of the damaged well with no end in sight. nbc's jay gray has the latest from venice, louisiana. >> reporter: --
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[ no audio ] >> we're obviously having some problems with the audio on that story. we will try to fix that and get it to you later. meanwhile, hollywood headlines. big news from "the bachelor" jake and de aanna have broken their engagement. two weeks ago at disneyland jake joked they could get married there. they called it quits and the reality tv stars are asking for privacy. the romantic outlook is better for orlando bloom and victoria's secret model miranda kerr. they have been dating three years and have been dodging engagement rumors, but now they are actually getting married. some sad news today for
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hannah montana fans. miley cyrus says the next season will be her last season. the fourth season of the widely popular show starts july 11th. after 101 episodes there are not too many to do. cyrus and others on the show want it to, in her words, "stay real." the third film in the teen vampire saga is set to premier at the los angeles film festival. a tent city has popped up. hundreds of people are camping out in hopes of being the first to watch "twilight eclipse" and desperate to catch a dplipglimp the stars. it is be well, be healthy week. we are looking at the weight-loss struggle millions of americans are waging. # companies are offering money to help shed the pans.
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nancy snyderman has more. >> reporter: it pays to lose weight, but does paying someone to lose weight really work? businesses across the country are betting on it. 2 out of 3 american adults are overweight or obese and americans spend at least $147 billion each-year on obesity related health care costs, much coming from their employers. as rising health care costs cut into the bottom line, business leaders are looking for new ways to encourage their employees to lead healthier lives. one in three large u.s. corporations is offering financial incentives to their employees to lose weight. >> number one, is there fun? number two, there is built in co-worker support. and third, there is a bit of accountability. >> reporter: according to a cornell university study, money can't buy weight los. after one year employees given quarterly rewards lost 1 1/2
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pounds. while medical professionals support wellness programs at work, some question their long-term weight loss benefits. >> the ideal incentive system is not one where we are continuo continuouscontinuou continuously paying people, but we help people transition to a healthier state, help them develop better habits and ways that might be more sustainable than continuously paying them. >> reporter: the measure of success might not be the amount of wait loss but the commitment for the employer and employee for a healthier lifestyle. tonight on "nbc nightly news," be well, be healthy continues with a report from nancy snyderman. are we killing our kids, the childhood obesity epidemic. why it is happening and what you can do about it. president obama announced regulations to carry out his
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health care reform law. he defended the overhaul against republican critics including those who say they plan to repeal the law. >> they want to go back to the system we had before. would you? would you want to go back to discriminating against children with preexisting conditions? dropping coverage for people when they get sick. >> the consumer protections are meant to stop insurance companies from engaging in the practices mentioned by the president. the protections are meant to help protect americans from unreasonable premium rate hikes. a new study shows premiums for individuals have gone up 13% to 20% since the health care law passed. the nonprofit organization kaiser family foundation said premium increases were 5% last
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year. the study did not look into the reasons behind the premium increases. when we come right back, a wife makes a huge mistake by sending a letter to the president. ahead, a race against time as raging wildfires force people out of their homes. a major safety issue for some of american airlines planes. you are watching news 4 at 4:00.
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welcome back. again today a federal judge ruled deepwater drill k.g. continue in the gulf despite a six-month freeze imposed by president obama. nbc's jay gray has the latest. >> reporter: this afternoon a federal judge in new orleans has blocked a six-month moratorium set by the president on new deepwater drilling projects in the gulf. many in the region, including the governors of louisiana and mississippi have pushed to allow the profitable drilling to continue. the white house says it will fight the preliminary injunction. >> we will immediately appeal to
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the fifth circuit. >> reporter: at the spill site, these are some of the first images from the water. nbc providing a new look at the effort to stop the oil. these are the two relegal wells, 40% ahead of schedule the other almost 30%. the q-4000 flare ship flares off oil and natural gas. >> we produced 25,836 barrels of petroleum. that is a new record for us. >> reporter: at the scene, teams have apparently recovered a key section of the crippled rig. >> we were able to recover the 40-foot o of riser pipe. that is important for forensics and ongoing inquiry. >> reporter: doctors are taking a closer look at what will be serious mental and physical problems as a result of the spill. the institute of medicine began a two-day health conference in
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new orleans. >> there is oil, burning oil, lots of chemicals and exposures that can affect the rez pra terry fact. >> on so many levels the effects of the crude have been so devastating. on day 64, the oil continues to flow. jay gray, nbc news. some 800 arizona firefighters are working around the clock to control a 10,000 acre wildfire that continues to burn outside flagstaff. the heat, strong winds and low humidity are challenging firefighters who say 10% of the fire is under control. 750 homes are under evacuation orders. the wildfire may have been started by an abandoned campfire. crews are dealing with a separate yet smaller fire near the grand canyon. >> not that hot, but deep end of the 90s. veronica, how high did we get
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today? >> up to 95. temperatures in some neighborhoods still climbing. like yesterday, yesterday at 6:00 p.m. the temperature was still 90. it is likely we will deal with the same high heat for a few more hours. 95 is the temperature right now. the dew point is 67 degrees. we do at least have a breeze out of the south and southwest at 12 miles per hour. the moisture in the air, the humidity hanging is making it feel like 100 degrees outside at reagan national. there are some neighborhoods where it feels even hotter. hey, we have been talking about some storms, the potential for most of today. would storms we've seen make their way into the area? those have been dying out. the thinking is a cap or stability is over the area at least the early part of the day. that is possibly going to break and we could see more storm clusters come into the area and hold together for a spell.
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this cluster is heading northeastward madison and orange county with lightning you see. the jet stream across our area, there is a chance with any of those storms that form they could bring some high winds, too. the strong winds jet right over us. abing donn, virginia, .75 inches of rain. this is southwestern virginia. charlottesville, virginia, .27 inches of rain, 78 the temperature. cooling off from 93. that is about the only thing these storm dos. 97 in montgomery county to 94. great falls 93 where it feels like 103 out there. so up until about 9:00 we could see some scattered storms through the area.
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11:00 rain chances continue, but not for long. we go from 90 at 5:00 p.m. to 86 and fall into the low 80s by midnight. across the mid atlantic the heat is here now, folks. believe it or not, it is going to get worse. high temperature tomorrow 96, 97. the humidity higher. the dew point up ten degrees. we are in the mid and upper 60s. it is humid. tomorrow between 70% and 74%. it is very humid. there is a slight chance of storms in the afternoon and evening, a weak disturbance will make its way through the area. the low pressure system hanging back, that will move through on thursday. a better chance and probably our highest threat to see storms move across the area for the week. here it is, the next 48 hours, mostly clear skies. we lose cloud cover during the overnight. tomorrow mostly sunny to partly
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sunny day. humidity is going to be higher and with temperatures near the record. the record for tomorrow is 98. it is going to be well over 100, that heat index. areas of central and western pennsylvania through west virginia and ohio, possibility of severe weather once again with some damaging winds and possibly hail tomorrow. so this evening a few thunderstorms, risk of damaging wind and heavy rain. 85 to 90. dropping to the mid 80s with a south westerly wind five to ten miles per hour. tomorrow morning a warm start. 70 to 75. sun up at 5:44. if heat continues with more haze and humidity. quite humid tomorrow. 91 to 96 degrees. last year we didn't have this stretch of heat until we got to july. and even the year before that, the stretch of heat around the area, that happened in august when we had so many days strung
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together of 90-degree high temperatures. we haven't seen heat like this since 2008. we have 90s through the entire seven-day forecast. we've got a whole lot more to come in our next half hour. a general summoned home after criticizing the president. why joran van der sloot wants to recant his confession. google's mistake should make
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welcome back at 4:30 everyone. i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. today marks one year since the deadliest train crash in metro history. hundreds gathered to honor the nine victims who died in the red line collision, the others who
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were injured and the first responders who came to their aid. other memorials are planned for this evening. the general is summoned to the white house to comment on rolling stone magazine. general mcchrystal came across as dismissive of the president and his war team. he may be out of a job. we talk live with jim miklaszewski. a federal judge in new orleans ruled that deepwater drilling can continue in the gulf despite a six-month freeze imposed by the president. the governors of louisiana and mississippi have pushed to allow the drilling to continue. the white house will fight the preliminary injunction. bike lanes along pennsylvania avenue reopened today. the lanes closed for a short time to repaint the lanes
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because the city's transportation department said they were too wide making them confusing. they run from 15th street to the capitol. the big story at 4:30. the latest in the joran van der sloot murder case. the murder suspect told a dutch newspaper he wants to recant his confession to the murder of a 21-year-old girl in peru. he claims he was scared and confused. van der sloot says peruvian police lied to him to get him to sign the confession. >> reporter: now that joran van der sloot's case is moving forward and his detailed confession to murder, he is taking a big step back telling a dutch newspaper he wants to recant his explanation of what happened that night. basically he is asking for a do-over. so police can interview him all over again. he told the newspaper he felt scared and confused during interrogation, that police were railroading him into a
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confession. he basically signed everything that was in front of him during a blind panic and the police kept making promises to him he would be extradited back to holland if he signed a confession. if you look at his confession he said he wanted to tell the whole truth, he wanted to get rid of the guilt so he wouldn't have to live with it. in the end he said he turned himself in voluntarily and didn't want to change anything about what he said. he complained to the dutch newspaper that in a prison where he has been held he has been getting unwanted visitors in his cell at night. rats. lima, peru. joran van der sloot is apparently bragging behind bars. a dutch newspaper says he told people he's already gotten marriage proposals from women since he's been locked up in jail. one woman asked him to get her pregnant. a new york city woman made
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the wrong decision when she wrote a letter to president obama. you see, the president asked obama to keep her husband in the country. instead it got him arrested. he emigrated from cameroon on a temporary visa. she said in the letter her husband was issued a deportation letter before they could get married. they arrested her husband. he is out of jail while they wait for the case to be reviewed. american airlines found a safety problem in two of its wide-bodied jets. maintenance crews are performing urgent inspections of 767s. cracks are found on the pylons that attach the plane to the wing. if an engine separates the results could be catastrophic. american airlines flight 191 crashed in chicago after its
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engine fell off. 271 people onboard were killed. the plane was a dc-10, not a 767, but the problem was the same a crack in the pylon. american airlines say most of the 66 jets at risk have been reinspected. cracks were found in two of them. the faa may require the inspection of pylon areas more frequently. the sales of previously owned homes fell unexpectedly last month. the national association of realtors say sales fell 2.2%. analysts say delays in processing mortgage applications are to blame. home buyers have until june 30th to close contracts for the tax credit. the dow is down 148 points to close at 10,293. the nasdaq dropping 27 points at 2,261. the s&p is down 17 points on the
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day. still ahead -- what may be the unhealthiest burger out there. plus, you can expect it to be a new georgetown hot spot. a new boutique. ashley, how is that traffic looking? >> we are starting off just like, well, not like we like to, actually, but in the traffic world it is pretty propgsing. big delays around the capital beltway. very congested out of tyson's approaching 270. the delays keep coming. the inner and outer loop are stacked up. georgetown, the more substantial delays begin for inner loop drivers. by connecticut, not the best angle, but this shows more than you need. very slow, no major accidents, typical volume.
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well, it is hot outside. >> and you are cold in here. >> okay. now we want to -- we keep seeing like 95 on the screen, veronica. that is accurate, right?
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>> that is accurate. tomorrow you have to do a double check on the temperature reading on the screen. tomorrow 96, 97 easily. it is only going to get worse around here guys. today, humid sticky conditions across the area. hazy skies and poor air quality. today is code orange. we will talk about the forecast for tomorrow coming up. tracking the potential for some thunderstorms and strong thunderstorms that could develop this evening. it is later. normally we see storms develop in the early afternoon this is an evening afternoon. if it breaks across the area we will see cluster storms. this heading east/northeast into madison and orange county with lightning and heavy rain with any of the storms that do fire from about:00 to 9:00 this evening. now, let's take a look at the air quality forecast. this was 8:40 this morning.
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the whole area was doing just fine. watch the i-95 corridor, d.c. to baltimore, right along that track, high emissions with folks running up and down the road. hydrocarbons, pollute tants interacting with the high heat. the forecast for tomorrow is code orange. that means it is unhealthy for everyone. the most vulnerable groups are those who have to readjust their day. last year the summer was on the cool side. may to september we only had four code orange air quality days. one of the easiest things to do is refuel after dusk. 95 the temperature. south/swerl breezes. storms firing from 9:00 to 10:00. 85, 75 by tomorrow morning. a warm start for us, quite humid tomorrow, high 96. 97 thursday. record heat potential the next two days. we will cool off.
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cooling off means high temperatures. upper 80s to 90s for friday, saturday and sunday. >> we say 95 on the screen. i can't wait to see what my car thermometer says. remember kfc's double down sandwich? >> yeah, we do. >> wait until we tell you what friendly's has to offer. >> we had to be hosed down. the sodium sandwich. who has the best frozen chicken nuggets. why you need to protect your privacy after the first time that i saw a sporting event on fios,
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in high definition... see detail that you didn't even know was there! and i'm standing like a little kid saying, "wow!" [ male announcer ] as if verizon fios wasn't amazing enough, we've added something new, a worry free guarantee. if you're not completely satisfied, you have the freedom to cancel. there's no term contract required. [ henry ] the fios installation was wonderful. i actually sent a note to the service guy, i was so pleased. [ male announcer ] time to switch to fios. call 1.888.get.fios. [ dennis ] you couldn't make me give up fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v.
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wi-fi experts are advising people to ramp up security on their home wi fi systems. google admitted it collected private data in the privacy of
4:46 pm
their own homes. chris clakam reports. >> reporter: internet giant google admitted some of the people it sent out with cameras to get neighborhood street views intercepted wi-fi signals from people's homes and collected personal data. google says it was a mistake, lawmen in 30 states say it may have been illegal. >> e-mails and pass words and web browsing most people would expect to be kept private. >> reporter: for internet experts this case points out wi fi connections can be risky. >> it is common sense. you are never as private as you think you are. >> donna, electronics editor for "consumer reports" says wi-fisetings can be protected. >> make sure you use a wpa
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standard. those are safer. frequent use o enkripgs features when hooked up through a wi-fi connection. friendly's restaurant is known for more than its ice cream, it's food, too. it may be known for a whole new sandwich. it unveiled the grilled cheeseburger melt. an an ingus beef burger stuffed inside two grilled cheese sandwiches. 1 5rkz 00 calories, 38 grams of saturated fat that is the equivalent of three big macs or two whoppers. whoa. >> that is a heart attack between two slices of bread. >> it is. parents always have them in the fridge. chicken nuggets. who makes the best chicken nuggets. >> consumer reports put 14 frozen or refrigerated projects to the test and assembled kids
4:48 pm
to test against mcnuggets. the most tasty came from target, bell & evans breaded, uncooked. costco's kirk land signature disney nuggets were nearly as tasty. all three scored well for nutrition. one brand health is wealth scored good on nutrition, not so good on taste. soy products, boca and morning star farms did not fool them. the kids picked mcnuggets over all, but target and bell & evans were close behind. market pantry nuggets are the best combination of taste and value. costco's kirkland is a runner up but you must by a five-pound bag. >> they are so addictive. >> they are, indeed. it is going to take longer for montgomery county to display
4:49 pm
calorie counts on the menus. they will not enforce the law until january 1st. last year the bill was passed to comply by july this year. it was crafted to allow restaurant owners more time to change their menu. >> so friendly's has more time for the grilled cheeseburger melt. >> that should be your only meal of the week. walk-ins wanted. a new boutique overing botox in joran town. the fear of tar balls has couples canceling the "i dos."
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a new study suggests senior drivers get a bad rap. the insurance institute for highway safety reports fatal crashes involving people over 70 fell 40% and the number over the
4:53 pm
age of 80 the number was down 50% from 1997 to 2008. why the dramatic drop for senior citizens? that is a good question. there is one more theory. senior citizens are the least likely to be texting and tweeting behind the wheel. d.c.'s first botox boutique is coming to georgetown. no appointment necessary facility will open july 1st. the business will operate from luxury express medical spa on wisconsin avenue. people can go shop or party and get a botox break. there are going to be a whole lot more beautiful people in georgetown. still ahead on news 4 at 4:00, wedding disasters in the gulf of mexico. nbc's kerry sanders braved 11 hours on choppy hours to get to the middle of the gulf.
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. >> the gulf oil disaster is not just destroying wildlife and wetlands, it is destroying weddings. >> couples are saying i don't. several wedding planners are reporting their seaside business is cut in half sometimes more. thanks to worries tar balls could make their way into wedding pictures. it has been 64 days since bp's oil rig exploded nbc's kerry sanders has a close up look. >> he is just a few miles from the deepwater horizon oil spill. >> reporter: we are onboard the 230-foot sky fallgo. the coast guard is taking us closer to what was deepwater horizon.
4:58 pm
we are less than three miles of the location of where the oil is gushing one mile down. what we see on the surface is a bevy of activity. that flame we see is shooting out, that is gas being vented. they are flaring it out. you can see at times they are spraying water to try to keep it cool because it is so hot. then we see this other flame. that is the q-4,000. they are capturing a portion of the 60,000 barrels a day coming up and they are burning it. the idea burn it at the source so they don't have to deal with it on the surface. kerry sanders, nbc news, in the shadows of what was deepwater horizon in the gulf of mexico. >> that's news 4 at 4:00. >> news 4 at 5:00 starts right now. one year ago today two
4:59 pm
trains collided, nine lives were taken in the metro system was devastated by its deadliest accident in transit system history. good evening. welcome to news 4 as 5:00. i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. wendy is off tonight. a track near the new hampshire bridge became the site of the crash. tonight it has become the site of a memorial. chris gordon is there with more on how families and the transit agency are marking this day. chris? >> reporter: we are on the new hampshire avenue bridge on the tracks. the crash occurred below me a year ago. reporters and crews were kept a block away as first responders worked feverishly trying to clear passengers off that train, trying to find survivors. now there are pictures, flowers, people visiting this area this morning there was a


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